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Audience measurement — How the game-changer for OOH is shaping up to be.

As the global advertising landscape reshapes under the programmatic media allocation, the role of data has seen a continuous rise. Simultaneously, the global OOH industry has also followed a similar trend in relying on audience behavior to plan and execute campaigns. The Indian OOH industry has a large contribution of the static formats followed by transit media and mediums in the controlled environment spaces. It is this controlled space which has seen a higher growth % in the digital & dynamic formats in comparison to the others. The industry and its leader also have taken cognizance of the power of audience measurement and data. However, the data comes at a cost and credibility of it has to be vetted, it is factors like this and the DOOH infrastructure growth pace determining the speed of growth.

With the advent of DOOH in the Indian outdoor space, the scenario is likely to shift in favour of data-backed campaigning. So, in this new age of advertising, what role will audience measurement data play for the OOH industry?

Today’s OOH practices leave room for many unanswered questions that the global advertising community is able to answer. Questions like:

  • How do we know whether the selected media is targeting the right consumer segment for our brand?

  • What is the kind of ROI we are looking at through the campaign?

  • How do we measure reach and engagement for an OOH campaign?

  • What kind of metrics are used to buy the right media formats and locations?

  • What is the right set of media mix suitable to a particular campaign?

Determining the right metrices and using audience measurement statistics has been a practice in the digital marketing sphere since the very beginning. DOOH has made this adoption possible, as brands shift from purchasing locations and media formats to purchasing audiences and impressions. In the coming age of OOH, these questions will drive the relevance of a media and provide a perspective on the success of a campaign.

Using audience measurement tools available today, brands and agencies are in a better position to get the answers to these questions, and concurrently determine the success of their OOH campaigns. Understanding this importance of data-backed campaign approach, AdOnMo has also established an audience filtering process for its clients with the widest variety of filtering options in the residential displays’ industry.

Adonmo’s campaign creation and management dashboard allows you to create OOH campaign while allocating the right media for a particular target audience. With multiple filtering options for both media and audiences, Adonmo allows its clients to reap the full benefits of their residential DOOH assets.

To give an example, assume that you are the owner of a regional Italian restaurant called Intalia, and you are looking to promote your restaurant through offers. Intalia is a high-end restaurant so the customers you adhere to, also are from high-income households.

Your audience profile may somewhat look as such:

  • Between 23–48 years of age

  • High disposable income

  • Residing within 3–5 km radius

  • Interested in fine dining and Italian cuisine

Adonmo’s hyperlocal and geo-targeting capabilities programmed by it’s multiple filtering options enable you to pinpoint the right audiences who will reciprocate your campaign. The filtering options allow you to target based on our 5 key audience & 3 key property profiling parameters.

Use of private and public open-source date can be leveraged to set specific data triggers to channelize the campaign to a more targeted audience. Your high-end Italian restaurant can use these metrices to allocate the right media assets for its communication.

Today, using such audience filtering is made possible only through the use of audience measurement data. While the metrices differ from media to media, the ultimate goal is to provide accuracy in brand messaging and bring measurability in campaign performance. With the DOOH making prominence in the country, the Indian outdoor space will actively redeem the qualities of audience measurement.

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