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A new radical shift in the world of OOH — Residential Screens

The post-COVID Out of Home advertising industry needs some radical rethinking having been exposed of many shortcomings. Innovation scarcity is now more visible than has ever been before. It is time to break the shackles and approach OOH with a fresh perspective and a new outlook.

This is precisely what AdOnMo has been attempting to do since its inception. With Digital Taxi Toppers, we gave a new glitter to our city roads and took the industry by a surprise with how successfully the model was scaled up. The pandemic got us to thinking what else we could do, how could we innovate OOH in post-COVID to world to enable brands to best establish their presence seamlessly. In consistency with our philosophy of democratizing outdoor media, we had to come up with a solution that would be attractive to global brands as well as local retailers. It is then that AdOnMo came up with an innovative yet radical approach that enables us to be outdoor yet indoor, big yet small, hyperlocal yet Pan India — we are delighted to announce our newest product, Residential Lift Lobby Screens.

Residential Lift Lobby Screens High Definition screens placed strategically to ensure maximum visibility at lift lobbies that play your Ads in loops throughout the day. This uniquely enables brands to establish their presence in a work from home world where our community spaces play a larger role in our lives than ever before. The placement of these screens offer a great exposure to brands with an unmatched cost per impression. This is the beginning of a new tide in out of home that enables brands to be with consumers from their first step out of the house to their last step into the house.


A 32-inch AdOnMo residential screen

This new medium also enables brands to target their audience demographics accurately with an ability to select localities and communities. Further, brands can now choose to advertise their closest retail location, or localized offers and can also go a step further in customizing their offerings to suit the needs of a specific community. Quick time bound campaigns, flash sales, festive offers, store openings, events — The possibilities are endless. With AdOnMo’s advanced technology platform, creative changes and context driven customizations are just a click away.

With every new medium, especially in OOH, there is always a question of transparency and trust that is a concern for every marketer. Transparency and value form the heart of everything we do, which is why you can now download and request for daily log reports on demand, weekly proof of plays and more, ensuring you are getting the fullest value and make changes as you go in the process. Our large cohort of 30,000+ screens spread across Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and 9 other cities means you can now manage nation wide campaigns with a few clicks.

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