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Relationship Manager 
Locations : Lucknow

About the Role

As a Relationship Manager for Gated Communities/RWAs, you will be responsible for
maintaining and optimising the relationship with Residential Welfare Associations (RWAs). You
will be responsible for ensuring that the sites receive month on month rentals, minimising churn,
and monitoring the performance of each site. Additionally, they coordinate with internal teams to
ensure that there are BTL (below the line) activations done in the society, and you will be the
front end of AdOnMo to the community, serving as the single point of contact.

Key Responsibilities

● Develop and maintain relationships with gated communities and RWAs to ensure
customer satisfaction and retention.
● Identify and resolve any issues that may arise, including but not limited to billing,
maintenance, and service delivery.
● Work closely with the internal teams to identify opportunities to optimise rentals and
increase site performance.
● Monitor site performance and identify areas for improvement, such as maintenance,
service delivery, and customer satisfaction.
● Conduct regular meetings with gated communities/RWAs to discuss service delivery,
resolve issues, and provide updates on company initiatives.
● Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including sales, marketing, and operations, to
ensure the success of gated community/RWA partnerships.
● Coordinate with internal teams to ensure BTL activations are done in gated
● Be the front end of AdOnMo to the community, serving as the single point of contact.
● Maintain accurate records of all interactions with gated communities/RWAs and provide
regular reporting to senior management.
● Maintaining accurate data bases for making sure the Metadata is available for the sales
team to make the inventory present in the society sellable.

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