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Elevator lobby screens the new age ad medium


Elevator advertising is one of the fastest growing OOH advertising trends and an excellent way to get your message across.

As the world recovers from the pandemic, businesses are in the quest of finding an advertising substitute which is convenient, impactful and most importantly, cost effective. This means considering out-of-the-box options which are work-from-home friendly and create an omnipresence  effect in a world of unpredictable lockdowns. Elevator lobby screens perfectly fit the bill.

The most intriguing thing about an elevator lobby screen advertising is that it is cost-effective and yet far reaching while retaining its hyperlocal nature. Rather than paying hefty sums on mass media with no track on the reach of audience and control over who views your ad, lobby screens operate round the clock for you embedding themselves further and deeper in the buying minds of your customers with each passing day and gives you full control over where, when and how your ads are displayed. It can address the buying concerns of a consumer as well.

For eg: A resident decides to go grocery shopping at a giant supermarket in the vicinity and in the interim a discount is offered to them by your store. She might as well visit your store in lieu of the supermarket.

Lobby screens can act as a lucrative medium for the retailers opting for a cross media advertising strategy as it is the first OOH ad opportunity when people leave their home. And when the same ad is displayed throughout the other media formats, the chances for converting spectators into potential customers is much higher. The screens give brands the leverage to connect to their targeted niche. 

Let's go through a few technical specifics to get a better idea of "how the campaign will appear to the public when it's uploaded on the screen."

Lobby screens (from AdOnMo) have a full HD resolution, a 32-inch screen size, a landscape of 1920 × 1080 pixels, and a sleek casing designed to hide all components and wiring for the best viewing experience and aesthetic appeal. The screens can be used to generate a lot of views on your content displayed, from the campaign header and through call-to-action.

Starting with the header, marketers can tailor their message to different occasions and festivals, as well as hyperlocally target the audience of each locality. In simple terms, the same ad will be played on all the screens placed across the communities in different cities of the country, but with a change in content customised according to the locations or the type of community or by the community name

The ultimate goal of running a campaign for any small retailer is to increase the foot-fall count of the store. To achieve it, i.e., to enhance offline store traffic. Using AdOnMo’s technology, a brand can now show the distance between nearest location to their store from the community they advertise in.

Here is a sample advertisement that demonstrates different possibilities with an advertisement on the LED screen.

To convert the audience into potential buyers, marketers can utilise CTA (Call To Action) to either leave the contact information of its nearest retailer or provide QR codes to claim coupons, or help people land on their website for product details etc.

QR codes allow a business to generate leads seamlessly while eliminating sales representative cost. These codes can also help retailers to build a database of customers through which they can provide customized offers and promotions for the future. QR codes help business with analytics to track the audience reach. The odds of having a higher conversion rate via QR codes through the campaign displayed on lobby screen is much higher in comparison to other media because it is also the last OOH medium a person encounters on their way home taking an elevator.

Elevator mediums are fast growing as the most attractive media for brands across as they provide a decluttered atmosphere and target consumers at their peak intent points. Marketers across are fast waking up to this new wave in OOH. Our inhouse team of experts can help you reach your marketing goals through RWA outreach. Click here to talk to us! Or mail us at sales@adonmo.com