Debt in driver community - DOOH as an additional source of income

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A blue collar job of a vehicle operator has been a tumultuous journey over the course of the last decade. They have been through steep peaks and valleys. To understand the way their life has changed and evolved, let’s shortly elaborate on the important mile stones of their journey. In 2010, they were at their lowest, working as drivers in private companies and juggling 9 working hours with bare minimum income. With the sudden upsurge in taxi services such as Ola and Uber in 2013, the operators had a turn of fortune. From the minimum wages their salary hiked to more than that of an average IT fresher.

But soon after, as all good things come to an end, the taxi services levied heavy targets and percentages on the operators turning their salaries back to what it once was.

Due to such circumstances, the operators have started looking for alternate sources of income. In 2016, a ray of hope came in the form of a company called Adonmo. In today’s business world where the service provider and the client are mainly the ones benefited by a business deal, Adonmo begs to differ with the advantageous changes it has brought to the lives of the intermediaries such as the vehicle operators.

Unlike car wrap advertisement companies, they did not require any deposits from the operators but only an amount of trust for the registration. They also supplied their own proprietary heads up displays costing the drivers virtually nothing. Registered operators in the beginning are now making an extra 40% of their net income as a part of their monthly revenue. Additionally, they could afford benefits that they never could, such as houses a cut above their previous ones and maintain cars with all amenities working in proper conditions.

All these led to a series of word of mouth referrals and a number of drivers approaching the company with a desire to register, when a referral structure was not even incorporated in their company working system.

The basis of the relationship between the operators and Adonmo is not only business like in nature but also fun loving and mutual growth. The regular calls that the operations and communication team intercede in which the drivers share their professional and personal grievances are an adequate example of the humane aspect of this company.

Adonmo's digital taxi tops

They actively seek to further the interests and livelihoods of their operators. A unique and astounding example of this would be, the first driver who registered with Adonmo, Mr. Thirumal, who has spoken about his experience at Adonmo, “Before joining the company I used be timid in nature and had no English proficiency whatsoever, but now I grew a lot in the past few months and I am currently proving myself as a successful assistant operations manager in Adonmo and I am able to handle multiple deals in Hyderabad”, clearly a job which needs ample communication skills.

Now, they have diversified into other cities and making their presence felt in Vizag and Mumbai too, where their reputation preceded their arrival and many operators having heard of their endeavors, are eager to be a part of the Adonmo working community.

Adonmo uniquely gives back to the operators without any strings attached. They genuinely seek to further their homes and lives.