OOH is going mobile and digital — are you keeping up?

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A brand is a strong impetus to buyer’s choice. The buying decision of a customer revolves around the feeling of resonance that one experiences whenever he or she comes across the essence of the brand. Generating this recall has been and will be one of the biggest and most significant challenges faced by entrepreneurs and incumbents alike. The key however — is to stay relevant — to keep up with the trends and improvements in technology; not just in terms of their product, but also in terms of how they advertise. Making the right choice of the medium of advertising can prove to be a game-changer in making or breaking the brand image.

Over the recent years, there has been a paradigm shift in the way products and services are advertised outdoors. Conventional billboards and stationary hoardings are outsmarted by newer and more advanced mediums of outdoor advertising, such as ‘Mobile Billboards’ that are more flexible and contemporary with greater recall prospects. As per a report published by Outdoor Advertising Magazine, outdoor mobile media can have as high as 97% recall rate. On top of that, outdoor advertisements are simultaneously going “digital” and “smart” through the use of the new wave of technologies such as Internet of Things and Machine Learning.

Digital mobile outdoor advertising could be your everyday vehicles on the road — say car, van, truck or a cab. These automobiles are outfitted with digital video screens capable of delivering video advertising and engagements catering to a varied segments of customers. They can even penetrate effectively in the areas and locations where traditional advertising methods cannot be used. They can be used as a advertising option for parades, campaigns, product-launches and general rapid awareness creation.

Mobile OOH doesn’t necessarily need to be just on vehicles

Some Do’s and Don’ts of Mobile OOH Advertising


  • Innovative, creative and humorous- These three things will the advertisement an extra edge in the pool of outdoor flexes and banners.
  • Keep the overall message short and crisp. If it’s any longer people probably won’t be able to read it when cruising down the Turnpike at 60 mph.
  • Simplicity. Focusing on one idea or one simple specific message is the key to success in case of OOH advertising. Hence it is mandatory to avoid all sorts of complexities pertaining to the message you want to convey.
  • Focus on a good graphics design- Tacky and loud graphics with too many colours might result in damage caused to your brand. It is necessary to focus on good looking yet subtle designs to attract attention.


  • Don’t try to be too clever. If the advertisement contains too much indirect meaning then it will eventually have a much lesser impact.
  • Don’t try to advertise everywhere in the city. Specific localities and areas have to be targeted for better impact.