Taxi toppers save the rainy day

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Over the past few years, billboards count has gone up extensively. Billboards were introduced to cater to the needs of outdoor advertising since an average person in Indian cities, on a daily basis spends a minimum of one hour or more commuting from one place to another. Commuting is a part of daily routine irrespective of social status or background. Outdoor advertising has been one of the best mediums to advertise because of this huge reach. Traditional methods of outdoor advertising have been through using billboards, which make commuting more engaging and reduces boredom.

Outdoor advertising is often the most suited medium since commuters can learn about the latest happenings such as new movie releases, sale on clothes and other commodities, etc while commuting.Although they help in reducing boredom while commuting, advertisements are not changed often making the content on the Ads old and outdated. The content is static and acts as a short term tool for advertising.

Recently GHMC imposed a temporary ban on billboards in the Hyderabad city premises. This was done due to the monsoon weather that brought in heavy rains and winds which led to shaky billboards creating havoc. The ban has impacted almost 20,000 billboards and more are to be taken down in the city. All the brands that have been impacted due to the ban, AdOnMo has it covered for you. We have transitioned traditional out of home advertising to digital out of home advertising. Now, you no longer need big spaces to advertise your brand.

AdOnMo offers digital taxi top advertising through LED screens on top of taxis where your advertisement can be displayed in multiple locations reaching a vast audience. With the screen mounted on top of the taxi, it is right in front of the commuter and at eye level, so the focus is always on the road. Our smart taxi-toppers are designed to understand their surrounding customer base to play relevant ads. We are easy, effective and efficient, and the best part? We do this for a fraction of the price you are paying today for traditional out of home advertising.

Monsoon or summer, AdOnMo is here 24/7. Make the switch to smart advertising today!