Advent of digital OOH in India

4 min read

With India slowly replacing China as the largest consumer market in the world, it is important more than ever to rethink outdoor advertising in this geography. Where does India stand then, a landscape where there are infinite possibilities of OOH campaigns due to the diversity of people?

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OOH is going mobile and digital — are you keeping up?

3 min read

Advertising technology is taking major strides in extending the reach to wider segments of audience. The ideas that could have have been only dreamt of a few years ago are becoming to see the light of reality today. The next time you think of innovative methods of branding to accelerate the sales, digital mobile outdoor advertising could be one of your best bets!

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Taxi toppers save the rainy day

2 min read

GHMC imposed a temporary ban on billboards in Hyderabad city premises. Monsoon weather that brought in heavy rains and winds led to shaky billboards creating havoc, posing a threat to public.It's high time brands rethink on their outdoor mediums.

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